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Business Development Manager



Sales & Business Development
New York, NY, USA
Posted on Friday, June 30, 2023

Direct Fleet Sales:

  • Manage and convert inbound leads related to fleet sales of devices and software.
  • Contribute to the marketing strategy for fleets to fill the top of the funnel.
  • Work closely with existing fleet customers to manage ongoing needs and communicate product recommendations based on customer feedback.
  • Act as liaison between support and fleet customer when technical issues arise.

Channel Partner Management:

  • Manage sales conversations with new channels for hardware and software sales, (e.g., distributors, VARs, dealerships, repair shops, etc.).
  • Spearhead retail channel acquisition and management from an operational and account management perspective (ex: Amazon, Costco, AutoZone)
  • Work closely with partners on marketing materials to support sales pipelines and activity.
  • Liaise between complementary partners to build a complete ecosystem of providers that can serve any fleet.
  • Manage operational and financial aspects of channel relationships including inventory, accounting, invoicing, etc.

Marketplace Partner Integrations:

  • Identify and recruit new marketplace partners or infrastructure providers who bring value to users at different stages in the vehicle lifecycle and integrate them into DIMO.
  • Diligently track activity related to developing the marketplace and the transactions completed.
  • Work closely with the DIMO app product team to ensure seamless integration of marketplace partner integrations to the app (initial launch integrations and subsequent deeper data integrations).
  • Manage DIMO marketplace content management system to ensure quality and reliability of marketplace presence in mobile app.
  • Grow the percentage of DIMO users engaging with app developers and service providers with new initiatives, campaigns, and strategies to convert DIMO app users into DIMO marketplace users.
  • Ride shotgun with DIMO leadership as we work with top VCs, automotive marketplaces, dealerships, OEMs, fintechs, and credit/lending institutions to further the cause of web3 vehicle commerce adoption.
  • Manage DIMO marketplace presence on dimo.zone and other online avenues.


  • Support DIMO in any other way asked of you, including support, shipping and logistics, onboarding, marketing, community, support, and operations initiatives critical to expanding the DIMO Network.
  • Represent, communicate, and embody the brand of DIMO — customer-first, building products that save users money.